Audacious Music Player 4.2 Released with Dark Mode Support

Image by OpenClipart-Vectors from Pixabay

Audacious, the lightweight Linux music player, finally got official dark mode support

Audacious is a free open-source audio player defaults in LUbuntu and Ubuntu Studio. It’s a Qt app focuses on low resource use, high audio quality, and support for a wide range of audio formats. Though legacy GTK2 interface is also supported.

Dark mode is getting so popular in today’s Linux desktop! And audacious finally adds the official dark theme as well as Flat icon set.

Audacious Dark Mode

It’s not the default theme, and the app so far won’t follow your system color scheme. By going to “Files -> Settings…”, user may select the new theme and icons manually from ‘Appearance’ tab.

Besides that, Audacious 4.2 also features:

  • Add partial support for Ogg FLAC streams.
  • Pres-elect the filename of an imported playlist when exporting it again.
  • Automatically set the title of an imported playlist based on the filename.
  • Add a Search and Select dialog to the Winamp interface in Qt mode.
  • Add a Jump to Song dialog to the Winamp interface in Qt mode.
  • Add formatter syntax to allow truncating title strings.

Get Audacious 4.2

The official website provides source tarball as well as release note available to download at the link below:

The player packages is available in most Linux system repositories, though it may be outdated. For the latest version, either build from the source tarball, or use the universal Flatpak package.

For Ubuntu / Linux Mint users, the software website refers to an unofficial Ubuntu PPA.

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