Display All Opened App Icons on Top Panel in Fedora 39 GNOME 45

For Fedora Workstation without third-party extensions, user has to open the overview screen every-time to launch applications or switch app windows.

To speed up workflow, there are dash-to-dockdash-to-panel extensions to show your app icons on dock or panel.

If you don’t like them, then there’s a new simple & lightweight extension that adds all the opened app icons on top-panel. So, user can easily switch app windows by left clicking on the panel icons.

It works just like the task-bar icons in Windows 10/11 and Linux Mint 21. Clicking an icon will raise up the app window, and clicking on it again will minimize it.

Current app icon has a white dash on the top. And, app windows in other workspaces are in grey separated with a vertical line. You can click on the grayed icon, it will automatically switch to the workspace and focus  the corresponding app window.

The extension is Task Up, a fork of the BaBar Task Bar which is no longer maintained and support up to GNOME 42. It’s a very light extension that so far support the latest GNOME 45, meaning for Fedora 39, Arch Linux, etc.

To install it, simply go to the extension page in EGO via the link button below:

Then use the ON/OFF switch to install it. Follow the link to install browser extension if you don’t have it and refresh the page.

For Ubuntu 23.10 and other Linux with “Extension Manager” app, just search for and install it under “Browse” tab:

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