How to Update the Linux Kernel in Linux Mint 20.x

Want to update the Linux Kernel to get security fixes or new hardware support in Linux Mint? Here’s how to install the latest Kernel from Ubuntu repositories.

Kernel in Linux Mint is always lag behind. Mint seems to be inclined to avoid kernel updates to avoid stability issues, but at the expense of security.

As you may know, Ubuntu keeps publishing security kernel updates to its users. It also provides newer Kernel version in point releases to enable new hardware support. As a Ubuntu based system, Mint users can get these Kernel updates as easy as a few clicks!

NOTE: This tutorial will install the latest Kernel updates from Ubuntu. They are stable enough for production use in Ubuntu, but may not well tested in Mint. For bleeding edge Kernels, go to

Install Newer Kernel in Linux Mint:

1.) Firstly go to start menu, search for and open “Update Manager”.

2.) When it opens, click OK under welcome message, and click ‘Apply the Update‘ if a new version of the utility is available.

Next go to menu “View -> Linux Kernels” in the Update Manager.

3.) Read the warnings and click on ‘Continue‘ button.

4.) Next you’ll see a list of available Kernels. Select the latest version from the list and click ‘Install‘.

Yes, it’s the Kernel I have been using for a period of time in Ubuntu 20.04 LTS.

5.) Type user password if it asks and wait until the installing process done! The new kernel will be default in the boot menu in next boot!

If you dual or multi-boot Mint with other Linux, boot the first menu entry (if it's not Linux Mint) and update grub manually.

How to Restore the previous Kernel:

If something go wrong with new kernel, re-boot and select the previous kernel under menu of “Advanced options for Linux Mint …“.

After booting with the old kernel, re-do the steps above and you’ll see “Remove” button in step 4.). Just click on it and wait until done.

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