Transmission 4.0.0 to use less CPU/RAM, support BitTorrent v2 & Hybrid Torrents

Transmission, the default BitTorrent client for Debian, Ubuntu, Linux Mint, now in beta stage for the next major 4.0.0 release!

The new release to migrate the entire code-base from C to C++. The code has been extensively profiled and improved, so it will use 50% fewer CPU cycles and 70% less memory compare to the last 3.00 release.

Transmission 4.0.0 to finally support BitTorrent v2 and also hybrid torrents. Qt client supports both Qt5 and Qt6, GTK client uses the official C++ interface: GTKMM. For macOS users, it has native Apple Silicon support via an universal package.

The WebUI has also been rewritten in modern JavaScript instead of jQuery, with better dark mode and fully support for mobile device. The remote control GUI now use the RPC API “table” mode, resulting in smaller payloads / less bandwidth use.

Other changes in Transmission 4.0.0 beta include:

  • Ability to set “default” trackers.
  • Specify the piece size when creating new clients.
  • Support IPv6 blocklists
  • Add configurable anti-brute force settings
  • Remove the 1024 open files limit
  • New icon for Big Sur

How to Get Transmission 4.0.0

The software website offers the official packages for the new beta release:

Sadly, for Linux its the source tarball. Users have to install dependencies and build the package from source manually.

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