Oh-My-SVG – Simple Graphical App to Optimize (Reduce Size) SVG File in Linux

Got a SVG image but it’s too large in file size? Here’s a simple tool to optimize and make SVG smaller in Linux!

There are quite a few tools to optimize JPG and PNG images in Linux world. For SVG, there’s now a simple GTK tool that provides an easy to use user interface.

Oh My SVG:

It’s ‘Oh My SVG’, a GTK tool that uses SVGO as backend to optimize SVG vector graphics files.

With it, you don’t have to use a heavy image editing tool (e.g., Inkscape) or struggle with command line options. Just import your SVG file, it will reduce part of file size with default settings.

To reduce more file size, it has a slider bar to configure image precision, as well as many on/off switches to remove or approximate information that is not required for rendering (See top picture).

Oh My SVG features:

  • Live image preview.
  • Estimated file size.
  • Light and Dark mode that follow system theme (Adwaita light/dark).
  • GTK UI that looks native in Ubuntu, Fedora & other Linux with GNOME.

How to Install Oh My SVG:

NOTE: The app is still in development stage, it may have bugs!! And, more features to be added in future.

For the source code as well as bug reports, go to the project page in GitHub:

To try out the app in Ubuntu, Debian, Arch, Linux Mint, and most other Linux, it provides universal Flatpak package in Flathub.

  • 1. Firstly, search for and open a ‘terminal’ window from start menu. Then, setup Flatpak daemon via the official guide.
  • 2. Then, in a terminal window run command to install the app:
    flatpak install https://dl.flathub.org/repo/appstream/re.sonny.OhMySVG.flatpakref

NOTE: If you’re first time installing a GTK app as Flatpak, there will be a few hundred more MB to install for run-time libraries, which could be the only downside for Flatpak apps.

How to Remove Oh-My-SVG SVG Optimizer:

To remove the app, open terminal and run command:

flatpak uninstall --delete-data re.sonny.OhMySVG

And remove useless run-time libraries via command:

flatpak uninstall --unused

That’s all. Enjoy!

Hi, I'm Merilyn Ne, a computer geek working on Ubuntu Linux for many years and would like to write useful tips for beginners. Forgive me for language mistakes. I'm not a native speaker of English.