Ubuntu 22.10 to Merge ‘Background’ Settings into Appearance, add new ‘Ubuntu Desktop’

The System Settings will no longer have “Background” tab. Wallpaper selection go back to “Appearance”. And, new “Ubuntu Desktop” tab is present for configuring Dock & Desktop icons.

As you may, the GNOME desktop v42 introduced new ‘Appearance‘ tab in its settings utility (aka, Gnome Control Center). Which, provides options to choose background wallpaper and select between dark and light color scheme.

Ubuntu has had the “Appearance” tab for a few years, and uses “Background” settings page for changing the wallpaper.

Ubuntu has “Appearance” & “Background” settings page for a few years

To follow GNOME’s new policy, Ubuntu starts to use “Appearance” for switching dark/light mode and selecting wallpaper in the next 22.10 release.

This change fixed the issue that changing wallpaper in Settings (Ubuntu 22.04 specific) apply only in current color scheme. Switch to dark or light will go another wallpaper automatically.

Also, this makes the new “grouped wallpaper“, that has both light and dark mode support, work in Ubuntu. See how to manually group your photos as light/dark wallpaper that follow system color scheme.

New “Appearance” settings in Ubuntu 22.10

The previous Ubuntu Dock & Desktop icons Settings has been moved to the new “Ubuntu Desktop” settings page. Allows to toggle display “Home” icon, change icon size, configure dock icon size, auto-hide, position and more.

New “Ubuntu Desktop” tab to configure desktop icons and dock
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