Kodi Media Center 20.2 Released with Various Bug-Fixes

Kodi 20 splash from kodi.tv

The Kodi Team announced a new bug-fix release for Kodi 20 ‘Nexus’ this Sunday!

The new Kodi 20.2 release does not have real new features, but only bug-fixes. If you were running into one of the issues below, then you may consider upgrading to this new release.

Bug-fixes in Kodi 20.2 include:

  • Dolby Digital Plus (E-AC3 related) issues.
  • Fix to the Music Viz screen
  • Seekbar timer fix.
  • Fix building with GCC13.
  • Fix memory exhaustion for Game/Retroplayer
  • Fix Android app crash when 100+ jobs scheduled.
  • Fix audio playback for some old Android devices.
  • Use the more generic library (GL) rather than the specific GLX library for Linux.
  • Fix speech recognition for macOS and iOS.
  • HDR playback fix for Windows.
  • Fix PVR crash on saved search
  • Fix searching for Kodi-specific scripts/modules in Linux.
  • Fix watched/unwatched video status in playlist and when creating playlists.

See more about Kodi 20.2 via the official release note.

How to Install Kodi 20.2 in your Linux

For Ubuntu and Linux Mint, The Kodi team provides official packages through this Ubuntu PPA repository.

For Arch, Kodi 20.2 has already been made into the official system repository. For Debian 12 stable, it’s available to install via the deb-multimedia repository, and I’ve a tutorial talking about it.

Fedora 38 user can get it from RPM Fusion repository. Though, it’s also available in GNOME Software as Flatpak.

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