How to Install Steam App in Fedora 39 Workstation [Updated]

Want to play steam games in Linux? Here’s how you can install the app in Fedora, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, and CentOS.

Steam offers only .deb package for Debian and Ubuntu so far, while lacking .rpm package for Fedora based systems. And as a non-free software, Fedora does not include the package in its official repository.

As easy as installing steam in Ubuntu, you can still install the gaming platform using RPM Fusion repository. And an universal Flatpak package is available as an alternative.

Install Steam via RPM Fusion repository:

1. Enable the Steam Non-Free Repository:

Firstly, click top-left corner ‘Activities‘ or press win/super key on keyboard, then search for and open Gnome Software.

Next, click the hamburger icon in the top-right of Gnome Software app and go to ‘Software Repositories’ in the drop down menu.

In next pop-up dialog, scroll down and find out “RPM Fusion for Fedora 38/37 Non-free Steam”. Then turn it on the enable the repository.

2. Install Steam:

OK, now close the dialog as well as Gnome Software. Then search for and open ‘terminal’ from Activities overview:

When terminal opens, run command to refresh system package information: This step is no longer required, since dnf install will do it automatically.

sudo dnf update --refresh

Finally install the steam RPM package as well as its dependencies via command. Type y and hit Enter on terminal screen and waiting until the installation process done.

sudo dnf install steam

If everything goes OK, you’ll finally be able to open the game app from system app launcher.

Though the first start will download & update steam automatically:

Install Steam via Flatpak:

The steam app is also available as universal Linux flatpak package, which runs in sandbox via a separate daemon.

If you’re OK with flatpak, just click ‘INSTALL’ button to download the package in the link page below:

And install the downloaded package via command:

flatpak install ~/Downloads/com.valvesoftware.Steam.flatpakref
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