Blender 2.92 Released with New Geometry Nodes editor

Blender, the open-source 3D modeller software, released version 2.92 with exciting new features.

Blender 2.92 was announced on Thursday as a new major release series:

A completely new workflow for editing meshes, new physics simulation methods, faster Cycles rendering, better compositing with Eevee, and so much more. Blender 2.92 marks the beginning of something incredible.

What’s new Blender 2.92:

  • The new Geometry Nodes editor for creating and manipulating meshes.
  • Ability to create own custom modifier.
  • Point scatter focuses on object scattering and instancing
  • Smear multires displacement over the limit surface
  • New Grab silhouette option to shape silhouettes as you please
  • Elastic deform type for Snake Hook
  • Fair Face Sets operation for Face Set Edit
  • Allow inverting the Erase Displacement mesh filter
  • Paint Studio Light preset
  • Sculpt Session Stats
  • Face Set Edit delete Geometry operation
  • Plane Deformation Fall-off for Grab Tool
  • Grease Pencil strokes can now edited as curves!
  • The Trace Image feature now supports image sequences!
  • Improved Grease Pencil interpolation to better deal with different sized strokes.
  • Auto-merge strokes
  • Rotate textures in Dots and Strokes in Texture modifier
  • Copy Effects with Ctrl+L
  • Reset Vertex Color Data
  • Limit Bake Animation to selected frames.
  • New Exposure node in the Compositor.
  • Better Euler Discontinuity Filter
  • Custom Object Space for Constraints
  • New NLA strips will have Sync Length enabled
  • Improvements on B-Bone Preserve Volume
  • FCurves with Modifiers are now drawn anchored to the NLA strip
  • Weight Painting Auto-Normalize Improvements
  • Bake Action Optional Cleanup
  • User Interface Improvements
  • Huge speedup of tracking multiple tracks
  • VSE Media transform redesign
  • Simulation Cache Library Overrides
  • Filter Selectable Objects in Outliner
  • Cycles Multithreaded Export
  • Background rectangle option for VSE text strip
  • Improved About and Startup Script Execution dialogs
  • Library Overrides support NLA
  • Intel Iris and Xe GPUs OpenCL support
  • Syncronize Outliner with Properties Editor
  • List Library Overrides in Outliner
  • Theme alternate rows color in Video Sequencer
  • Constrain Panels Vertically while dragging
  • Improved Node Groups sockets list
  • Interpolate tools in Draw Mode.
  • Create primitives interactively with just two clicks.
  • The Cryptomatte standard is now in Eevee to efficiently create mattes for compositing.
  • Add NanoVDB support for rendering volumes
  • OptiX now supports hybrid rendering
  • Ambient Occlusion and Bevel shaders are now supported while using OptiX!
  • APIC, new method for simulations.
  • New Viscosity Method
  • Improved particle sampling
  • Faster Playback and Smaller Cache Sizes
  • Cloth now supports excluding faces from object collision using a vertex group
  • Disable colliders without removing the modifier

How to Get Blender 2.92 in Linux:

Blender offers portable Linux package, available to download at its website:

It also provides official Snap package, a universal Linux package runs in sandbox. For Ubuntu, you can search for and install it from Ubuntu Software. For other Linux, get it from the link below:

You can also choose install the community maintained Flatpak package via webpage.

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