See What’s New in GNOME 44, Default Desktop in Ubuntu 23.04/Fedora 38

GNOME 44 is in Beta stage finally released! Let’s see the new features in the new version of this popular Linux desktop environment.

GNOME 44 stable was released in March 22, 2023. Which will be default desktop in Ubuntu 23.04, Fedora Workstation 38, and of course the GNOME edition of the latest Arch, Manjaro etc.

New background apps option in System Menu

The most notable change in the release can be the new “Background Apps” option in top right corner system menu (Quick Settings).

When your have some apps, such as music player and email client, running in the background. It will display the menu option, listing all the background apps. It makes easy to close background apps, and user can use “App Settings” dialog to bring any background app into foreground.

Gnome 44 Background Apps menu

System Settings (Gnome Control Centerl)

The new release mainly focuses on improvements to the System Setting (Gnome Control Center), its core applications to make a new step towards mobile-friendly UI.

When enabling Wi-Fi hotspot in settings, it now shows QR code in the pop-up dialog to make easy to connect from mobile devices.

Share Wif via QR code

The Sounds settings page has been redesigned. It now groups system volume level control and alert sound selections into navigation pages.

GNOME 44 Sound Settings page

Accessibility” settings page looks much cleaner now. It has a single toggle button to enable/disable the indicator applet. And, it sorts all other options into “Seeing”, “Hearing”, “Typing”, “Pointing and Clicking” and “Zoom” with new a navigation pattern.

Gnome 44 Accessibility settings

Mouse & Touchpad page now looks much more friendly to beginners. It now shows animated images (need to hover cursor over) along with texts, to make users easily understand which option to use.

For those using WireGuard, there’s also new option in the network settings page to easily setup the VPN.

Gnome 44 support adding WireGuard VPN

Core App Changes

The file chooser dialog now has a “List View” option to display files and folders via grid view.

The Epiphany web browser, which is also known as Gnome Web, though not default in Ubuntu/Fedora, has been ported to GTK4 plus LibAdwaita. It now has an option in ‘Preferences’ to choose either ‘Home’ or blank page for new tabs.

Gnome Web option to set ‘home’ or ‘blank’ for new tabs

The new core terminal app, Gnome Console, now has a “Tab Overview” option in its hamburger menu. Which, shows an overview of open tabs, allowing to easily switch, close and add new terminal tabs.

The weather app comes with a slight UI referesh, featuring flat headers that give the app a unified look. And the temperature graph now uses a smooth line instead of jagged lines.

Other changes include:

  • Bigger user avatar icon and bold username in login/lock screen.
  • New supplemental and default wallpapers
  • “Show Only Free Apps” option in Gnome Software Preferences.
  • Hide panel in settings if no Thunderbolt device is found
  • Add “Firmware Version” info in System Settings ‘About’ page.
  • Add shortcut to open menu in core apps.

For more about GNOME 44, see the official release note.

See GNOME 44 via YouTube vide:

GET Gnome 44

As mentioned above, GNOME 44 will be default in the next versions of the popular Linux Distributions. Just wait your Distro update.

Or, you can try out the new desktop release by using GNOME OS:

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