Here is Ubuntu 23.10’s Default Wallpaper & Dark Variant as Expected

The default wallpaper of Ubuntu 23.10, Mantic Minotaur, is revealed. As expected, there are 2 photo images: the classic purple and darker variant.

They are grouped as a single wallpaper in background settings page. The classic purple image is used as default in light desktop style, while it automatically switches to darker image when Dark Style is enabled.

Besides the purple and dark variant, there are also light and dimmed variants for the new default wallpaper. So, there are all 4 photo images available:

All the images above are optimized to small sizes for faster web loading.

If you want to download the original image in 3840×2160 resolution, go to the link below for the source files and click “download file” link.

Please RIGHT CLICK on the link buttons above, and select “Open Link in New Page”. It mistakenly treat it as PNG file rather than a URL link!

There are also about a dozen of optional wallpapers available out-of-the-box. They are the wallpaper competition winners. See more HERE.

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