Ubuntu 22.10 Default Wallpaper Revealed along with 6 contest Winners

The default wallpaper for the upcoming Ubuntu 22.10, as well as 6 optional images that won the wallpaper contest has been revealed in the recent daily build update.

Ubuntu 22.10, code-name “Kinetic Kudu”, is the next Ubuntu version to be released in next month. It’s a short term release with 9-month support.

The new default wallpaper in the next release is also “warty-final-ubuntu.png” with an usual design:

Ubuntu 22.10 default wallpaper

Also, there a greyscale version as optional wallpaper:

Ubuntu 22.10 greyscale wallpaper

To get the wallpaper images, go to the launchpad build page:

Then click expand the Ubuntu 22.10 build and grab the “ubuntu-wallpapers_22.10.1-0ubuntu1_all.deb”. NOTE: Do NOT install the .deb package, instead extract via Archive Manager and get the image file under “data.tar.zst ->/usr/share/background”.

Ubuntu 22.10 Wallpaper Contest Winners

Along with the new default wallpaper, there are also 6 optional wallpapers that won the contest, though it was planned for top 2 images.

They are:

To get these winner wallpapers as well as other amazing photo images, go to the voting page:

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