Linux Mint 21 is Out! Kernel 5.15 & Ubuntu 22.04 Package Base

Image by ADMC from Pixabay

The new release of the popular Linux Mint v21 is out! It features Kernel 5.15 and Ubuntu 22.04 package base with 5 years of support until 2027!

Like previous edition, Linux Mint 21 rejects Snap packages. Firefox is present as the classic .deb package. Snap daemon is not install-able out-of-the-box.

And, the new release is available in three desktop editions. They are now Cinnamon 5.4, MATE 1.26, and XFCE 4.16.

Linux Mint 21 features new xapp-thumbnailers that automatically generates thumbnail previews in file manager for AppImage, ePub, MP3, RAW pictures, and WebP files.

It now uses “Bluetooth” to handle bluetooth devices. Unlike Blueberry, it works on everywhere without depending on gnome-bluetooth. And, it has even more features, such as command line options.

The release also introduced new applet (gear icon) in system tray, that notify if there’s automatic updates and/or system snapshots running in the background.

background process monitor indidate

For Cinnamon desktop, the display settings are now handled by Muffin instead of csd-xrandr. All windows are now rendering with GTK theme. And, the default themes now have initial GTK4 support!

Other changes include:

  • Uses IPP (aka, Driverless Printing and Scanning), for most printers and scanners without driver.
  • HPLIP 3.21.12 installed by default.
  • Timeshift now is one of XApps.
  • Uninstalling an app from the main menu also removes dependencies
  • Improve Sticky Notes with ability to duplicate notes

Get Linux Mint 21:

The mirror download sites have included the ISO images of the new Beta for a few days. The Linux Mint website also provides the torrent for downloading at the link below:

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