Firefox 99 Released! Enhanced Linux Sandbox Support

Mozilla announced the 99.0 release of it’s Firefox web browser a day ago.

The new adds ability to toggle Narrate in ReaderMode with the keyboard shortcut “n”. In the PDF viewer, it now supports for searching with or without diacritics. For Linux sandbox (e.g., Snap and Flatpak package), processes exposed to web content no longer have access to the X Window system (X11).

Other changes in Firefox 99 include:

  • Supports credit card autofill and capture in Germany and France.
  • Various security fixes.
  • Fixed Outlook OWA automatic replies.
  • Fixed install_sources policy.

Get Firefox 99:

For the release note as well as download link for the new Firefox release, go to the link button below:

For Ubuntu 21.10 & Ubuntu 22.04 with pre-installed Firefox package, you should now has the latest 99 release. There’s also Mozilla Team PPA that contains the package as .deb.

Other Ubuntu editions, Fedora, openSUSE and Arch will publish the latest packages soon via the official repositories. Just run regular updates via update manager will get it.

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