How to Enable Automatic Login in Ubuntu 21.10

For personal computers running in private places, you can set Linux to login automatically since typing user password may be meaningless. And it’s easy to do this in Ubuntu via the default Gnome Desktop.

Enable Automatic Login in Ubuntu Gnome:

Firstly, you need to open the System Settings by clicking on top-right corner system menu and choose “Settings”. You can alternatively press Windows key on keyboard, search for and open ‘Settings’ in overview.

When it opens, navigate to Users from the left pane. Then you need to click the “Unlock…” button in the top-right to authenticate before you’re able to do any change.

Next, it will pop up an authentication window prompts you to type user password to get pass. If you’re doing this in a Standard user session (non-administrator), it will ask for an Administrator account password instead.

Finally, choose any account by clicking on its icon from the list. Scroll down and turn on the “Automatic Login” slider icon. After that, Ubuntu will log into that account automatically in next boot.

For computer with multiple user accounts, without disable automatic login, you can switch accounts temporarily either using the “Switch User” option in Power Off menu or just log out and choose log in with another account.

That’s all. Enjoy!

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