Ymuse – New GTK+ 3 Client for Music Player Daemon (MPD)

Ymuse is an open-source Music Player Daemon (MPD) client for Linux with a modern user interface.

Ymuse is written with the Go programming language and GTK+ framework. It supports library browsing and search, playlists, streams etc.

The software features:

  • Connection to local / remote MPD server via TCP or Unix domain socket.
  • Displaying, sorting, and shuffling the play queue.
  • Filtering the play queue on a sub-string.
  • Saving the play queue as a playlist.
  • MPD library browse and search functions.
  • Browsing, adding, and renaming playlists.
  • Own stream (a.k.a. Internet radio) list, which can be edited.
  • Visible queue columns selection.
  • Player title setting using Go template syntax.
  • Toggling various MPD modes (random, repeat, consume).
  • Seeking the current track to an arbitrary location.

How to Get Ymuse in Linux:

The .deb package for Ubuntu /Debian based, .rpm package for Fedora based systems, as well as source tarball are available to download at Github:

Ymuse is also available as Linux universal Snap package (runs in sandbox): snapcraft.io/ymuse

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