VLC 3.0.16 Adds MacBook Touch Bar Support

The VideoLAN team announced a new update for its free and open-source VLC media player.

The new VLC 3.0.16 is the seventeenth update of the 3.0 “Vetinari” series. The release contains mainly bug-fixes, along with new feature: Touch Bar Support on Mac OS

And here are the changes according to the release note:

  • Fixes delays when seeking with D3D11
  • Fixes opening DVD folders with non-ASCII characters
  • Fixes ASF regressions with broadcast streams
  • Fixes dropping audio on seek with specific MP4 content
  • Fixes seek & volume sliders overlapping with subtitles
  • Improves freetype fonts outlining
  • Fixes HTTPS support on Windows XP
  • Fix RTSP server timeout handling

How to Get VLC 3.0.16:

Some Linux Distros, e.g., Arch Linux, have updated the VLC package in their official repositories.

For Ubuntu based systems, VideoLAN offers official SNAP package runs in sandbox. As an universal package format, it also installs on most other Linux systems.

VLC is also available as the universal Flatpak package, that installs on most Linux, Chrome OS, and Raspberry Pi OS.

For other systems, get VLC via its official download page:

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