Solus OS 4.5 Released! Kernel 6.6, Budgie 10.8.2, Pipewire

Solus, an independent Linux Distribution built from scratch, announced new 4.5 release this Monday!

Solus 4.5 is powered by most recent Linux Kernel 6.6.9, while 5.15 LTS is still available for choice.

The release introduced new installer, makes the installing process clean and easier than before. If you’ve tried out many other Linux Distros, then you’ll find that the installer wizard looks familiar, since it’s also in use for many other Linux such as Debian.

Solus 4.5 new installer

The release also replaced PulseAudio and JACK with Pipewire sound server. Which, is a new low-level multimedia framework, aims to offer capture and playback for both audio and video with minimal latency and support.

For AMD, the release includes ROCm 5.5 to provide GPU acceleration for applications like Blender, and enables hardware accelerated machine learning with support for PyTorch, llama.cpp, stable diffusion, and many other AI software and tools.

The Desktop Environment updates include:

  • Budgie 10.8.2 with dark theme preference for applications, budgie trash applet.
  • GNOME 45 with new workspace indicator, Speedinator extension to control animation speed, and unified GTK3 & GTK4 appearance with adw-gtk3-dark theme.
  • Plasma 5.27.10
  • XFCE 4.18 (Beta release)

For more, see the official release note.

Get Solus 4.5

Solus OS provides only 64-bit disco images for Intel/AMD CPUs. You need at least 4 GB RAM, and 10 GB disk space for installing the Linux Distribution.

To download it, just go to its website via the link below:

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