How to Remove Home or Trash Icons, Change Desktop Icon Size in Ubuntu 21.04

This is a beginner’s guide shows how to disable the “Home” and/or “Trash” icons, and change the size of desktop icons in Ubuntu 21.04.

Different to previous Ubuntu releases, Ubuntu 21.04 uses the Desktop Icons NG (DING) extension to handle the Desktop icons. It’s a fork from the previous official Desktop Icons project, with several enhancements like Drag’n’Drop.

With the new extension, there are now more options to change the desktop icon appearance.

What can be configured:

With following steps you can do changes for:

  • Change the size of desktop icons.
  • Show or hide Home icon, Trash icon, Mounted drive icons
  • New icons alignment
  • Settings shared with Nautilus.

To Get Started:

1.) Firstly right click on blank area on your desktop. In the pop-up context menu, select “Settings.”

2.) In next window, you can easily change the size of Desktop icons to Tiny, Small, Standard, and Large. Toggle on or off the ‘Home’ icon, ‘Trash’ icon, mounted drives, network drives.

And more options including icon placement, and settings shared with Nautilus file browser.

Just so easy. Enjoy!

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