Orchis-KDE – A Materia Design Theme for KDE Plasma Desktop

For KDE users who want to change the desktop look and feel, Orchis is a new theme project that provides light and dark mode themes for KDE Plasma.

The theme project contains:

  • Aurorae Themes
  • Kvantum Themes
  • Plasma Color Schemes
  • Plasma Desktop Themes
  • Plasma Look-and-Feel Themes

Along with Tela-circle-icon-theme, it will look like:

How to Install Orchis-KDE Theme

To get the theme, either go to Orchis-KDE github web page, or click the button below to download the source tarball:

Then extract the tarball, go to source folder, right-click in blank area and select “Open in terminal”:

In pop-up terminal, run ./install.sh and done.

To apply the theme, go to System Settings -> Appearance. And the source folder also contains the wallpapers shown in the previous pictures.

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