Official Plex Client for Linux is available as both Flatpak and Snap

Plex finally offers official client apps for Linux desktop users, via both Flatpak and Snap package formats.

For watching your movies on remote server and Plex TV shows in Linux, you do no longer need the web client. Plex now offers official clients: Plex HTPC for big screen (Home Theater PC), and Plex-Desktop for normal Linux desktop.

Plex for Linux is your client for playback on the Linux desktop. It features the point and click interface you see in your browser but uses a more powerful playback engine as well as some other advance features.

Plex HTPC for Linux is your client for playing on your Linux computer connected to the big screen. It features a 10-foot interface with a powerful playback engine.

Plex Client as Flatpak:

Both Flatpak and Snap are universal packages run in sandbox and work on most Linux. The Linux community seems to like Flatpak a bit more since it’s completely open-source. And Plex as Flatpak is available in

1. Flatpak is available out-of-the-box in some Linux, including Fedora, Linux Mint, Pop! OS, Ubuntu MATE, and more. However, other Linux needs to first set it up via official document:

Ubuntu/Debian user may simply press Ctrl+Alt+T on keyboard to open terminal and run the command below to install the daemon:

sudo apt install flatpak

2. Then, install Plex for desktop via command:

flatpak install

Or, install the Plex HTPC for big screen via:

flatpak install

Plex Client as Snap:

For Ubuntu user, the Snap packages can be easier to install since it’s available in Ubuntu Software.

Plex Clients in Ubuntu Software

Other Linux can get them at and

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