OBS Studio 28.0 Released! 10-bit /HDR Encoding, Qt6 & Native Apple Silicon Support

Free open source live streaming and recording app, OBS Studio, has released new major version 28.0!

The new release features 10-bit and HDR video encoding support, though with AV1 and HEVC encoders only.

10-bit HEVC encoding requires NVIDIA 10-series, AMD 5000 series or new GPU. HDR streaming is currently only supported via YouTube’s HLS service via an HEVC encoder. And, recommend settings are:

  • HDR: Color Format P010 and Color Space Rec. 2100 PQ
  • 10-bit SDR: Color Format P010 with SDR color space (e.g. Rec. 709, Rec. 601)
OBS Studio HDR settings

OBS Studio 28.0 is porting to Qt6 framework to gain access to the new features as well as latest bug-fixes. However, Ubuntu 20.04 PPA package is still built against Qt5.

Due to Qt6 port, many plugins may no longer work properly without update! See OBS Plugin Compatibility page.

And, some old systems, including Windows 7, Ubuntu 18.04, macOS 10.13 & 10.14 and all 32-bit systems are not supported anymore due to this update!

Image from qt.io

The release also adds native Apple Silicon support thanks to Qt6. User does no longer need x86 emulator for running this app in macOS. However, many third-party plugins may not work properly in the new arm build until updates from developers.

OBS Studio adds native package for Apple Silicon

Other changes in OBS Studio include:

  • New AMD encoder on Windows
  • Direct audio capture on macOS 13+
  • Add CBR, CRF, and Simple Mode to Apple VT encoder on Apple Silicon
  • Capture audio output from single process in Windows.
  • Select a separate video mix for the virtual camera
  • Support NVIDIA Background Removal on Windows
  • New “Yami” theme as default.
  • Native SRT/RIST outputs
  • Support for sending chat messages to YouTube from within OBS
  • All Python 3 versions support on Windows and macOS
  • Add “View -> Reset UI” menu option.
  • Support for H264 Format in Linux V4L2 source.
  • Support custom FFmpeg options in media sources

See more about the changes, go to its Github releases page.

Get OBS Studio 28.0

The software website provides the downloads for Mircosoft Windows and macOS:

For Linux, it’s the universal Flatpak package runs in most Linux in sandbox.

Ubuntu 20.04, Ubuntu 22.04, Linux Mint 20/21 and their based systems can open terminal (Ctrl+Alt+T) and run the 3 commands below one by one to add the official PPA and install native .deb package:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:obsproject/obs-studio
sudo apt update
sudo apt install obs-studio
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