NVIDIA 530.30 Beta Released with Suspend & Resume support for GSP firmware

Image by William McDonald from Pixabay

NVIDIA announced the first beta release for the new 530.30 Linux driver series a few days ago.

Since the last 525.89.02, the new NVIDIA 530.30.02 features suspend and resume support when using GSP firmware. GSP, stands for GPU System Processor, is used to offload GPU initialization and management tasks. And, here’s a list of GPUs default to using the GSP firmware:

  • Tesla T4/T10
  • NVIDIA T4G, T4 32GB
  • NVIDIA A2, A16, A30, A40
  • NVIDIA PG506-(230, 232, 242, 243)
  • NVIDIA A100-(PG509-200, SXM4-80GB, PCIE-40GB, …)

The release also fixed possible performance issue for XFCE4 desktop that’s using OpenGL backend along with G-SYNC, by adding an application profile.

Other changes in NVIDIA 530.30.02 include:

  • Use ‘hicolor’ icon theme for nvidia-settings utility.
  • Add --xdg-data-dir to specify XDG data installation folder, default to /usr/share.
  • Add compatibility for Linux Kernel with “indirect branch tracking” (IBT).
  • Fix PRIME render offload working issue for Wayland apps running on system with an AMD iGPU.

How to get NVIDIA 530.30.02

For the release note and official download link (for x86_64), go to the link page below:

For Ubuntu users, just wait! Your system developers will build the most recent NVIDIA drivers, and make them available in ‘Additional Drivers‘. If you can’t wait, try the “Graphics Drivers” team PPA.

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