Manjaro Linux finally gets GNOME 42 by releasing 21.3.0

Manjaro Linux announced new 21.3.0 release few days ago with big updates to its desktop environments!

Manjaro is one of my most favorite Linux distributions. It’s really a good choice for Linux beginners, due to its powerful package managers: pamac (graphical) and pacman (command line). Thanks to Arch User Repository (AUR), you can always get the most recent software packages without worrying about system dependencies. And, Manjaro’s default Papirus icon theme is my most favorite!

What’s New in Manjaro 21.3:

The new 21.3 release finally upgrade to GNOME DESKTOP v42, which has exciting new features. They are new global Dark color scheme available to toggle in ‘Appearance’ settings page. New screenshot/screencast UI (not an app) can be opened by PrintScreen keyboard key.

Many core apps have been ported to GTK4 toolkit along with libadwaita theme, with a modern new look and feel. And, the remote desktop feature finally defaults to Microsoft RDP protocol which is more secure that the previous VNC.

Manjaro Linux with GNOME Desktop

The KDE edition now has Plasma Desktop 5.24. It’s no enough time to prepare the new KDE Plasma 5.25. However, 5.24 also has exciting new features. They include the Overview screen, Cover Flip and Flip Switch app window switch effects, and login/unlock via fingerprints.

For old machines, the lightweight XFCE 4.16 is available, though the desktop release is 1 year and a half old. It features new icon theme to look a bit more modern. And it finally supports fractional scaling for HiDPI displays, and has “About Xfce” dialog for basic CPU, GPU info. There are as well many overall improvements and bug-fixes.

Other changes in Manjaro 21.3 include:

  • Kernel 5.15 LTS, though 5.4 and 5.10 LTS also supported.
  • Update the installer with more support for LUKS encrypted partitions.
  • Pamac 10.4 and libpamac 11.3

Download or Upgrade to Manjaro 21.3

As mentioned above, the Linux has 3 desktop editions available to download via its official website:

Manjaro Linux is a rolling Linux distribution. Which means, you don’t have to install it time by time. Just install for once, keep installing the updates and you always have the latest release!

And to install updates (upgrade to Manjaro 21.3), either open terminal and run single command:

sudo pacman -Syu

Or, open pamac package manager (aka “Add/Remove Software“) from start menu, navigate to ‘Updates’ tab and install all available updates.

Just so easy, isn’t it?!

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