Krita 5.2.0 Released! Synchronized Audio Playback, Built-in FFmpeg, New Text Layout Engine

Krita 5.2.0 stable is finally released, after a year of development!

This is a new major release with many new features! They include synchronized playback of audio, and simplified video export by including a basic FFmpeg bundle, though it still supports to choose alternative FFmpeg executable.

The text layout engine has been re-written with text-in-shape, text-on-path, vertical text, wrapped text, and color font support. While, it can handle everything the old engine could.

The release also introduced a new docker ‘Wide Gamut Color Selector’ with ability to select colors in wide-gamuts instead of just sRGB. And, it has a menu to quickly switch between ‘HSV’, ‘HSL’, ‘HSI’, and ‘HSY” color models.

Other changes in Krita 5.2 include:

  • overhaul the cumulative undo feature
  • ability to anti-alias the results of the Sketch Brush Engine
  • ability to transform all selected layers at once with the transform tool
  • New ‘Fill areas of similar color’ mode for the fill tool.
  • Contiguous Selection tool now has selection extending option, ability to set the opacity of the selection decoration.
  • New actions: Toggle Eraser Preset, Sample Screen Color, Select Layers From Menu canvas input settings, Clip Studio Paint compatible shortcut scheme.
  • Align the blending modes to the way Photoshop handles blending modes in CMYK
  • Implement CMYK for JEPG-XL, support saving/loading raster layers to JPEG-XL.
  • Improve webp export with better metadata handling and animation support.
  • rewrite brush settings ode with Lager library.
  • Wrap around mode can now be limited to vertical or Horizontal direction

For more changes, see the official release note.

How to Get Krita 5.2

Krita provides Linux package through universal AppImage. Along with source code, Android apk, macOS dmg, and Windows exe, they are available to download at the link below:

For Linux, select download the ‘krita-5.2.0-x86_64.appimage‘ package. Then, run it to launch the painting software after adding executable permission.

NOTE: Ubuntu 22.04 and higher do NOT support AppImage out-of-the-box. Open terminal (Ctrl+Alt+T) and run command below to enable it:

sudo apt install libfuse2
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