How to Install Kernel 6.5 in Manjaro Linux

This simple tutorial shows how to install Linux Kernel 6.5 in your Manjaro Linux.

The developer team just announced the release of Manjaro 23.0, and mentioned Kernel 6.5 is used for the release! However, I’m stuck at Kernel 5.15, while updating Manjaro to the latest from an old version.

If you’re running into the same ‘issue’, then this quick tutorial may help to install the latest Linux Kernel in your Manjaro Linux.

Option 1: Single command to install the New Kernel

For those who are familiar with Linux command, first launch terminal (or konsole) from either start/application menu or the overview screen depends on your desktop environment.

When terminal opens, just run the command below to install Kernel 6.5:

sudo pacman -S linux65 linux65-headers

Type your password (no asterisk feedback) when it asks for sudo authentication and hit Enter. For choices, you may also install theĀ linux61 and linux61-headers packages for Kernel 6.1.

When done, just reboot your machine.

Option 2: Use system package manager

For choice, you may also launch Add/Remove Software utility. Then, search and install both linux65 and linux65-headers packages.

After installation, restart your computer and verify by running uname -a command in terminal:

Uninstall Kernel 6.5

To uninstall the Kernel package, first you need to restart your machine, when select booting an old Kernel from Grub boot-loader (press Esc while booting to show the menu) under ‘Advanced’ menu.

Once you system started with the old Kernel, either run command below or use ‘Add/Remove Software’ utility to remove Kernel 6.5:

sudo pacman -R linux65 linux65-headers

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