FreeTube – An Open-Source YouTube App for Linux With Privacy

Looking for a YouTube player in Linux Desktop? FreeTube is a free and open-source one built with privacy in mind.

FreeTube features video playback without ads and prevents Google from tracking you using cookies and JavaScript. Subscriptions and history are stored locally on your computer and never sent out. Using a VPN or Tor is highly recommended to hide your IP while using the player.

Thanks to Electron the player works in Linux, Windows, and Mac OS. And there’s a browser extension to open video links via FreeTube. Other features include:

  • Two extractor APIs to choose from (Built in or Invidious)
  • Subscribe to channels without an account
  • Organize your subscriptions into “Profiles” to create a more focused feed
  • Export & import subscriptions
  • Mini Player
  • Full Theme support

How to Get FreeTube in Linux:

The software offers official Linux portable tarball, non-install Appimage, deb package for Debian and Ubuntu, and rpm package for Fedora based systems.

It’s also available as universal Linux Flatpak package hosted in

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