Fedora Linux 35 Released! Kernel 5.14, GNOME 41 & More

Fedora, the upstream Linux distribution of Red Hat and CentOS, now is at version 35. Features Linux Kernel 5.14.10, GNOME 41, and more.

Fedora Workstation, a “just works” Linux gear towards software developers now has GNOME 41. The new desktop environment has improved power management. User can now change power mode via system tray menu option. The Settings utility now has “Multitask” tab to toggle hot-corner, screen edges, workspace and multi-monitor settings. It also introduced new app called “Connections” for remote desktop via VNC / RDP.

GNOME 41 Desktop with Blur Effect

Fedora Cloud 35 now uses BTRFS, and adds hybrid boot support, unifying the legacy (BIOS) and UEFI boot modes. This release also introduced Fedora Kinoite, a reprovisionable desktop system features KDE Plasma.

Other changes in Fedora 35 include:

  • WirePlumber, session / policy manager implementation for PipeWire.
  • Enable third-party repositories make them available immediately along with a selection of Flatpak apps.
  • Python 3.10, Perl 5.34, PHP 8.0, and Firewalld 1.0.

How to Get Fedora 35:

For the disco images of Workstation, Server and loT, go to:

And, there are many other alternative downloads, e.g., for KDE, MATE, and other desktops, as well as aarch64, ppc64le, s390x architecture images, which is available as torrent.

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