Fedora 38 Released! GNOME 44, Kernel 6.2, DNF5 & New Spins

Fedora Linux 38 was finally released after one month beta testing! Let’s see the new features in this popular Linux distribution.

Fedora 38 features Linux Kernel 6.2. The Workstation ships GNOME Desktop 44 with following features:

  • New Lock/Login Screen.
  • New “background apps” section in system tray menu.
  • Display QR code when enabling WiFi hotspot.
  • Big icon view in file chooser.
  • Redesigned ‘Mouse & Touchpad’, ‘Accessibility’ settings page.
  • Expandable folders in List View mode
  • Wireguard VPN support.
  • Support all Flatpak apps from Flathub in GNOME Software when 3rd repository enabled.

Fedora 38 also includes several new Spins! They include Budgie Desktop and Sway Tiling Window Manager. It also includes Phosh, the Phone Shell built for mobile devices, such as Pinephone and Pinephone Pro.

Another big change is that the lighterweight version of default package manager microdnf has been replaced with DNF5 in the release. Which, it will be default in the future release. See more about DNF5 package manager.

Other changes in Fedora 38 include:

  • New website. getfedora.org now redirects to fedoraproject.org.
  • Toolkit updates, including gcc 13, Golang 1.20, LLVM 16, Ruby 3.2, TeXLive2022, PHP 8.2
  • See the official announcement for more.

Get Fedora 38

To get the new release .iso images, just go to the new website via the link button below:

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